Android: Classic Disruptor

There’s a great article at the Equity Kicker about how Android is a Classic Disruptive Play vs. iPhone, in reference to the Innovator’s Dilemma.  I’d argue that Android will disrupt the iPad as well, and before long both the iPhone and the iPad will get pushed to the side as Macs were by Windows and PCs oh so many years ago.

Mind you, I’m not saying they are bad products, but if people can get something almost as good for significantly less money, they’ll generally take it, even if it doesn’t carry the brand status and mystique that a glossier Apple product does. In particular, I think Apple’s insular ecosystem that relies on iTunes and forces users to buy overpriced, proprietary accessories will hurt them in the long run as phones and tablets find more and more uses in our everyday lives.

As smartphones and tablets become commoditized, Apple’s pricing will become increasingly out of whack, and cheaper competitors are sure to steal a large chunk of their marketshare.


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